Puddingstone Properties - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Valerie DownwardValerie Downward

Valerie has been working with Puddingstone Properties since 2006 and is the first point of contact for both existing and prospective tenants as well as external contractors. Her professionalism, attention to detail and 'can do' attitude while maintaining her humour and friendliness is one of the things that sets Puddingstone Properties apart from many other management companies.

Email: valerie@puddingstoneproperties.ca

Mike DownwardMike Downward

Since founding the company in 2002 with Christine, Mike's focus has been on 'big picture' activities including an ongoing program of property improvements intended to continue to attract and retain quality tenants, guiding the company's growth strategy and working with Valerie to ensure that tenants needs are addressed to the best of our abilities.

Email: mike@puddingstoneproperties.ca

Christine FeierabendChristine Downward

Christine is responsible for a myriad of small but important details which help to make an apartment immediately feel like home (e.g. ensuring that each apartment is clean and that all light bulbs are working before a new tenant moves in, checking that each sink has a plug etc) as well as general administrative work that keeps our company running smoothly.

Email: christine@puddingstoneproperties.ca