Our History

We made our first acquisition In Halifax back in the Summer of 2002. At the time our realtor's suggestion for the property involved a "5 gallon container of gasoline and a match". While we're (fairly) sure that he was joking, we stand by our choice of both geographic location and specific property. If we fast forward 20 years, this property is one of our premium properties - a recognition of our continual process of renovations and improvements.

Our primary target area continues to be the Peninsular. While we're always interested in exploring other locales, so far no other area has quite hit the spot for us in terms of safety, attractiveness and an area where we'd personally want to call home.

Our philosophy remains unchanged from 2003: To purchase properties in liveable areas regardless of their overall condition, and to renovate them over the course of time. Our renovations range in scope from the addition of a simple deck through to a complete demolition to the studs/joists and the addition of new floors, insulation, windows, roof, kitchen etc. - plus the aforementioned new deck.

Future acquisitions are likely to be concentrated in Peninsular Halifax, although we're always interested on other areas. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have a property that you might be interested in selling.